Live Session Guitarist

A reliable musician, well versed in many contemporary styles that relate to Electric or Acoustic guitar. Jonathan always invests in the latest gear and equipment for optimal results.

Good Sight Reader, professional and reliable.

Guitar Tracking

Need some guitars on your songs? Jonathan might be able to help.

Recordings are done in a home recording studio based around recording both electric and acoustic guitars, thus offering the highest quality recordings possible.

You can hire Jonathan to perform the parts that you want or to create interesting guitar parts on your track. He can also ofer high quality video footage if needed. Delivers in time, hassle free and with great results.

Guitar & Music Theory Tuition
An experienced teacher with 12+ years teaching experience in all ages and abilities. Lessons take place on an individual basis, in a fully equipped studio/classroom hybrid. Offers also multi-angle, high fidelity audio online lessons. Tailor made lessons, materials and methodologies to cater for all types of learners.