From an early age Jonathan was always inclined towards music. Starting out by learning classical piano for a couple of years as a hobby, a deviation from everyday life as a child. Later on he decided to change instrument and at age 15 he found a new voice by picking up the electric guitar, and therefore being introduced into the world of contemporary music. At the time, being a teenager, his musical tastes started out with strictly Rock and Metal for breakfast, lunch and dinner, eventually taking some lessons with Marc Galea who led him into the world of Blues and Jazz, thus moving on to another completely new era in his musical development.

By the age of 18, Jonathan chose to take his musical journey to the next level and thus continue his musical studies in London, at the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance. He was enrolled on the Higher Diploma course, which transformed his view towards music completely. Learning how to properly read music, play funk, virtuoso studies and being around so many talented people made him deviate from any normal routine for a teenager, into a practice routine that satisfied his urge to learn. After successfully finishing the higher diploma with a Distinction, he went on and enrolled in the Degree course. He completed the degree course with First Class Honours, and not only, but was also awarded “The Most Improved Guitar player” across the 3 years of the course.



Jonathan relocated to Malta in 2013. Having done a Licentiate specialising in guitar teaching (LRSL, Rockschool), he enrolled in the P.G.C.E (music) at the university of Malta, which he also completed at the highest of levels and thus was offered a job by the Government of Malta to teach music in schools.

During this time Jonathan also started teaching guitar and contemporary music theory privately. In no time at all, he got renowned as one of the most dedicated teachers on the island, with students coming from all parts of the country, varying in levels, styles and ages.


”Above all, I’m a performer”

Being trained to be a professional musician, gave its fruits during sessions and also during private teaching. Playing regularly at various theatres in Malta, on TV shows, with local producers, and as part of an orchestra gives him great satisfaction. During his stay in London Jonathan performed regularly In the UK music scene as part of a trio and full band.

When Jonathan relocated to Malta in 2013, he was instantly introduced to the weddings and function scene, playing as session musician for various local bands. As a session guitarist he has played with a variety of established artists and bands, the Maltese Philharmonic Orchestra and the Maltese Youth Orchestra. He currently forms part of the Brass House Unit and Big Band Brothers, two of the largest Big Bands in Malta. In 2015 Jonathan, was appointed by Masquerade Malta as musical leader for “The last Five Years”, a musical winner of 7 Drama desk awards. This was directed by Anthony Bezzina, a leading figure in Malta’s theatre scene.



In his book, work etiquette, punctuality and professionalism are the way to success, add a good bit of fun in there, blend plenty of love for music and you’re on a lifetime journey!

Also, an important part of Jonathan’s mentality on this journey is to reach the highest level of professionalism possible, which drives him on to continue to do his best to try and be at the top, in order to succeed in his long term goal, which is to continue being a full-time musician, satisfying the needs of any employer, audience and last but not least his own.

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